3D Dynamic Scan™

The 3D Dynamic Scan™ images your sample in real time and reconstructs the data to create live three dimensional models. The 3D reconstruction provides direct information regarding the image dynamic, background level and protein or DNA quantity. A little change of exposure time will refresh the 3D view automatically. The saturation effect can be controlled live before the image is frozen.

The 3D Dynamic Scan™ collects the signal intensities from the gel or blot sample and transform these intensities into distance information from the sample surface. The “picture” produced by the 3D scan describes the relative proteins amounts. This allows the quantity of each protein to be relatively measured and compared against each other. The dynamic scan is performed while the image is acquired by the camera. Measurement can then be made with the live image.

The 3D Dynamic Scan™ opens a new frontier for protein or DNA imaging. Our 3D modeling will change the way you see your sample into 3D quantitative results.

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