High Sensitivity Reading™

The aim of the Fusion is to maximize the signal and to minimize the noise to achieve the best signal to noise ratio for the lowest limit of detection.

Thanks to our High Sensitivity Reading (HSR) technology, the Fusion reduces the various sources of noise to the lowest floor level and the signal can stand out from the surrounding background. The figures 5 and 6 are a comparison of weak chemiluminescence signal images showing the sensitivity benefit of the Fusion HSR technology face to a competitive system. The HSR technology allows to reach the lowest limit of sensitivity

Fusion’s High Sensitivity Reading (HSR) is a unique technology which delivers ultra-low noise and high sensitivity without altering the raw image data. Thanks to a camera modular design, a dual amplifier architecture and a complete control of the electronic components, the camera noise is reduced to a fraction. The HSR technology is a camera “on-head” built-in technology.

During the light exposure, the non-necessary camera components are shut down. Once the exposure time is over, the camera components are automatically turned back. The shut-down process during the image exposition reduced the camera noise, resulting in a better chip capacity to collect the signal.

Competitor 1 -10°c
Competitor 2 -20°c
Competitor 3 -30°c
FUSION HSR™ Technology

At same exposure time with a LED plate standard, the HSR technology provides a better sensitivity by reducing the noise ground level. By keeping the background to its lowest floor level, the very faint signal can easily be detected and quantified.

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