V.070 Lens

The Fusion is an extensive portfolio of ultra-sensitive imaging platform, widely considered to be ‘best in class’. Using the most advanced large pixel CCD technology to collect more light, in combination with our unique state of the art V.070 motorized optical lens, the Fusion offers the best sensitivity and speed, and reaches the lowest limits of detection.

The Fusion’s imaging performance is automatically optimized for a wide variety of application requirements:

  • For chemiluminescence, the time to get the image is dramatically reduced and precious antibody can be saved.
  • For fluorescence, ultra-sensitive detection capability facilitates the use of shorter excitation exposure, thereby reducing photobleaching and phototoxicity and lowering dye concentrations.

The Fusion custom made V.070 lens combines sensitivity and optical performance for very faint light conditions. The optical system includes ultra-low dispersion components to enhance the sensitivity and aspheric elements to deliver consistently sharp images. The V.070 lens has a focusing distance of only 20cm to provide unrivaled sensitivity, clarity and image quality.

FUSION V.070 lens. Aperture f:0.70
Competitor 1. Aperture f:0.95


Competitor 2. Aperture f:1.2
Competitor 3. Aperture f:2.4
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