Magster™ Technology

Our special Magster™ touchscreen technology has been designed for the display of monochrome Western blot and gel images. Thanks to Magster™, you can detect the smallest details and discern the [...]

Image Master™ Assistant

Our exclusive Image Master helps you to obtain the optimum image at a glance. It automatically monitors the maximum and the minimum intensity obtained on the image, indicates it’s dynamic, signal [...]

V.070 Lens

The Fusion is an extensive portfolio of ultra-sensitive imaging platform, widely considered to be ‘best in class’. Using the most advanced large pixel CCD technology to collect more light, in [...]

High Sensitivity Reading™

The aim of the Fusion is to maximize the signal and to minimize the noise to achieve the best signal to noise ratio for the lowest limit of detection. Thanks to our High Sensitivity Reading (HSR) [...]

Spectral Unmixing

The crosstalk issue Today a wide variety of fluorescent dyes and fluorescent proteins are available for multicolor fluorescence imaging. Recorded signals from these fluorescent molecules provide [...]


Band revelation with Clarity™ With the Fusion, dive into the layers of your samples to capture images from the deep inside of your blot or gel. Our unique Clarity™ technology combined with our [...]

PadBox Concept™

The PadBox is a slide-out container which can welcome several light sources for excitation in the UV, the blue, the green and the red spectrums. As gel documentation moves from single UV [...]

3D Dynamic Scan™

The 3D Dynamic Scan™ images your sample in real time and reconstructs the data to create live three dimensional models. The 3D reconstruction provides direct information regarding the image [...]


The aim of our SuperResolution technology is to generate a higher resolution image from the camera image. High resolution image offers a high pixel density and thereby more details about the [...]

Apps Studio™

The Apps Studio is an innovative library of applications which contains more than 40 different protocols for your blot, gel and other bioluminescence samples. The protocols are easily accessible [...]